Judith Evelyn

The actress who played Miss Lonelyhearts was, according to the IMDb, a stage performer who occasionally worked in film and television. Judith Evelyn (1913-1967) was in two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents,  Season 1’s “Guilty Witness,” and in Season 2, “Martha Mason, Movie Star.” The latter gave Miss Evelyn the opportunity to show her comedic chops–she plays a ding-bat murderess–but the former enabled her to exude real pathos as an abused wife. Readers of this blog should appreciate the basic situation of “Guilty Witness”: a couple notice the disappearance of a neighbor, and suspect the man’s wife (Judith Evelyn) of doing him in. It’s as though the Thorwald situation were being replayed, this time with the roles reversed. Matters proceed apace (a peace officer is even pulled into the investigation), and a fairly predictable conclusion is reached . . . but with an interesting twist.

Both episodes–and all of the first two seasons of AHP–can be streamed at hulu.com.


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