The Deleted Scene

The one scene scripted and shot but immediately deleted from the film would have occurred just after the tour of Jeff’s apartment. It would have introduced Jeff’s boss at the magazine, and shown a scene between him and another man in his office. The story goes that before the scene was shot, Herb Coleman, the associate producer, argued that it was unnecessary; furthermore, it would take the audience away from the apartment set, spoiling the design of the film. AH agreed and ordered the set struck, but Coleman insisted the scene be shot, if for no other reason than to have recordings of the actors voices (for telephone VOs). As far as anyone knows, this scene no longer exists on film.


The screen is filled with the top of a desk. In
addition to the usual telephones, blotting pad, etc.,
the most prominent feature is the number of glossy
photo prints, and even larger-sized mat prints. Some
of them have slips pasted over with descriptions.
The center of the desk is occupied by a large layout
of photographs on one magazine page. Behind this we
hear the murmur of two voices of men who can be
vaguely seen beyond the desk.

THE CAMERA PANS UP and we are now face to face with
IVAR GUNNISON and JACK BRYCE. Gunnison is sitting on a
window-ledge, and beyond him we realize we are high
above the New York streets. Bryce leans against a wall
at right angles to him.

Gunnison is holding a cablegram in his hand. Bryce has
a cigarette in his mouth. He scratches a match, and is
about to light it, when he notices that Gunnison, still
reading the cable, has reached into an inside shirt
pocket, and produced a cigarette. Quickly, Bryce moves
over to light Gunnison's cigarette. Then he settles
back to light his own. Gunnison doesn't even bother
to thank him.

               (Looks up)
          Indo-China -- Jeff predicted it would
          go sky-high.

          From the looks of Davidson's cable,
          it might even go higher than that.
          And we haven't even got a camera
          over there. 

          This could go off in a month -- or
          an hour.

          I'll pull somebody out of Japan.

               (Heads for his phone)
          Bryce, the only man for this job is
          sitting right here in town.
               (Picks up phone)
          Get me L. B. Jefferies.


               (To Bryce; still
               holding phone)
          Name me a better photographer.

               (He can't)
          But his leg!

          Don't worry -- it comes off today.

Bryce gives Gunnison a startled look.

          I mean the cast.

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